Customer satisfaction is the key to MOELCA's corporate philosophy, which is why MOELCA is at customers' disposal to support them in all their requirements, providing reliability, punctuality and efficiency of its services.

MOELCA has 4 direct Service Centres throughout Italy: Lombardia, Veneto, Toscana and Lazio.
Our policy is to manage all service calls through our Personnel, directly or through Personnel of Partner Companies whose technicians have been properly trained and authorized by us. Thanks to our CALL CENTER and our service centres, we are able to grant very fast response time through our technicians. We guarantee in such way very rapid interventions identifying real time any cause of problems thanks to the original tools and spare parts adapted to the maintainance/repair.
MOELCA uses suitable and safe methods (starting from forms, equipments, control and test devices with certificate of conformity, delivery minutes, etc.) to control production and service supply activities until the product (or service) is released to the Customer. Process management is supported by suitable system documents.

All Moelca's employees supply controlled processes including, as applicable:

  • description and documentation of process activities affecting Quality.
  • operators comprehension and implementation of what contained and prescribed by the applicable documentation.
  • availability of procedures and instructions periodically reviewed and updated according to process dynamism.
  • identification of rules, prescriptions and process indicators suited to ensure processes conformity and check their improvement.
  • identification and provision of the necessary resources.
  • identification and provision of the necessary equipment for control and test of what is supplied.
  • definition and performance of controls, tests and measurements of process indicators relevant to the supply, in the applicable process steps.
  • management of the equipment used during process progress (including maintenance and calibration to ensure efficacy and efficiency of the process they are used for).
  • implementation of activities for product/service delivery/release/ and post-sale assistance.

Our professional services are entirely at your disposal for:

  • ordinary preventive maintenance on the basis of EEC Directive 93/42 for medical devices.
  • corrective maintenance.
  • installations and testings.
  • our service team is always available to support the technical staff of the hospital by phone.
  • maintenance and technical service assistance.
  • technological upgrading.
  • Functional controls of equipment in compliance with metrological standards.
  • safety inspections as required by general safety regulations covering electric medical devices CEI 62-5 - IEC 601-1.

The Planned Maintenance meets all your needs through a modular and flexible plan of action, with which you can take care of your instruments, keeping them in perfect order. In addition, you can count on a clear and defined price. So while you think to relax, brings the rest of the staff of MOELCA. A team of specialized professionals, always ready to give you the necessary assistance, using only genuine spare parts.



General activities

Repairs are normally carried out at the place of installation of the equipment, and occasionally at MOELCA, in Limido Comasco. 

The activities are carried out on the basis of specific agreements, directly with the end customers or subcontracts with the manufacturers of the equipment. All servicing needs are required by phone or fax and are managed through a dedicated software. 

This software has the following objectives: 

  • Overall management of the process of technical service.
  • Optimization related the management of human resources.
  • Management and control of the equipment covered by the service.
  • Collection, processing and analysis of statistical data.

All activities are carried out with the help of specific procedures and / or work instructions. Depending on the geographical areas, the activity is performed with the help of external consultants, appropriately selected.

In any case, to ensure the best result with  servicing activities, all the MOELCA  technical service Staff  is prepared with:

  • Specific training program.
  • Special Procedures / Instructions provided by Moelca.
  • The management and drawing up of the work-sheet, which is always controlled by Moelca and always measured in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

One of the requirements for the selection of staff (internal and external) responsible for this activity provide an adequate knowledge of the English language.


Measurement of Service

On a monthly basis are carried out summary statistics regarding the action taken and the timetable for their resolution in order to measure the methods and quality of all services provided. The statistics are carried out using both the technical reports and the data contained in the management system, comparing them with the contractual requirements. Detected non-conformities are recorded promptly and internally discussed. 

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