logo vodenlinkplusVODENLINKPLUS is a software for the acquisition and management of data from different instruments operating at the pharmacy. Allows communication with instruments for the determination of glucose, coagulation parameters, blood count, glycated hemoglobin and other diagnostic analyzer. Using this software you can manage the master data of patients, data quality control and display the results of the determinations carried out without interrupting the normal routine of the various instruments.


The current version allows you to connect the following tools:

Cholestch Count Cell Micros 60 Micros ES60
Cholestec Count Cell Micros 60 Micros ES60
In2IT Piccolo Reflotron Urometer
 In2itTM Piccolo Xpress Reflotron PST® Urometer 120 PST

It also allows manual entry of several analyzes performed with instruments that do not have the possibility to be interfaced.

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