BlooDonorsLink is a software for acquisition and management of data coming from various instruments operating in the Transfusion Centre. It allows bi-directional communication with Archimede and its scales belonging to the BagMixer family. BlooDonorsLink allows to manage data of the various collection and separation procedures, and to monitor the status of the various connected instruments, without interrupting the normal instruments routine. Monitoring of collection and separation flow is also possible, so that procedures can be locked if they appear to be incompliant. The user interface has been designed to encourage the use even by untrained personnel; all windows and relevant selection and sorting filters are user-friendly and easy to select.

Language and Operating System

BlooDonorsLink is developed in Java. This platform allows, through Java Web Start, to download and launch Java applications from the network, ensures that the latest application version is always executed, and eliminates complicated installation and updating procedures. Java Web Start software stores locally the whole application in the PC in use, therefore any further start is nearly immediate since all the necessary resources are locally available. BlooDonorsLink runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.


The database used is Java DB, an object-relational database management system. This database offers many advantages because the logic is directly applied by database server in one go, thus reducing the information exchange between client and server and consequently increasing performance reliability.

System Architecture

BlooDonorsLink based on BlooDonorsLink server that dialogs with BagMixerPlus units and Archimede through wireless LAN 802.11 b/g; concerning the centrifuge, dialog and protocol depend on centrifuge type. The various Client stations (Web Start) can access and manage both procedure data stored in DB and settings of procedure parameters through customized queries. Procedure data stored in the DB can also be accessed by Host that can request data relevant to previously performed procedures or automatically receive data when the ongoing procedures are over. The dialog also includes sending of data relevant not compatible or locked procedures.

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