BagMixer Plus


The BagMixerPlus is the new generation of scales WLAN due to its versatility allows a wide automation combined with ease of use, must be used exclusively for the collection of whole blood with standard plastic containers, conforming to International Standard ISO 3826 and regulations 93/42 MDD and in the manner prescribed by the "Recommendation No. R (95) 15 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood components.


 Operator's Manual

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   Bag Mixer Plus




Main Features

  • Operation both mains or battery power.
  • Internal charger with display of voltage and charge status of the battery.
  • LED backlit display (240x128).
  • Continuous display of current flow and the average donation.
  • Flow control minimum and maximum contribution through its visual and audible alarm.
  • Displaying the time of collection and any assessment of the maximum time for platelets.
  • Choice of units in g or mL.
  • Three values collected for each profile preset, editable.
  • Three selectable profile.
  • Storing data collected up to more than 900 donors (the number is related to the amount of information read from the barcode reader).
  • Internal data base for displaying procedures in memory.
  • Barcode reader and preparation for RFID.
  • Bi-directional link to the hospital management through ArchimedeLINK.
  • WLAN (Wi-Fi) to a personal computer equipped with a wireless LAN.
  • Ability to display on a large screen of the functional state of the various BagMixerPlus connected all'ArchimedeLINK.
  • Autotare, calibration and contrast adjustment via software with the consequent elimination of the trimmer.
  • Clock and calendar synchronized with internal ArchimedeLINK that allows the storage of date and time of sampling.
  • Continuous display of the calibration date.
  • Auto-detect presence of the pipe into the valve and clamp any loss or malfunction.
  • Download by ArchimedeLINK its configuration, and all the information necessary for the management of the data acquisition from donors with bar code reader.
  • Download by ArchimedeLINK the sign and the text of your language.
  • Set automatic turn off, active in battery mode.


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