Blood Mixer Desk

Blood Mixer Desk




The Blood-Mixer Desk is a table projected to work friendly with Donor Blood Mixers. It has been designed to carry Blood Mixer devices from a low position (down, near the floor) to a working position (to set properly the blood bag kits on the Mixers devices). All different heights are reachable under Operator's needs. It offers maximum user convenience, versatility and flexibility. By using the adjustment facilities of the Blood-Mixer Deskâ the Operator can pay optimum attention to work in a more relaxed manner. Good movements and correct posture are important values to prevent health problems. The desk adjusts to the height in just a few seconds at the press of a foot pedal, or automatically, if connected with Moelca BagMixerPlus device. 






   Operator's Manual 


Technical Specification 

Rated voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz Fuses 2 AT
Dimension: Width mm. 404, depth mm. 690, height mm. 970.
Working mechanical position (desk)  Low position: mm. 280 - High position: mm. 730
Weight: 33 Kg.
Power: 60 W.
Cordlength: 2 meter.
Power control current 24VDC.
Environmental requirements: Temperature between 5°C and 45°C Humidity Lower than 80% without condensation.
Transport and storage temperature From 10°C to +50°C. Relative humidity from 20% to 90% without condensation.

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