Stripper Quick

Stripper Quick


Stripper QUICK is a little, ergonomic, compact, and heavy-duty device designed for stripping of hemocompound bags tubes.




   Operator's Manual


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Main Features

It is a portable device, easily moved by the handle it is provided with. It can be used anywhere since it is supplied by rechargeable batteries without need of uncomfortable power cables.

  • Thanks to its self-slide system, it is not necessary to guide tubes manually during stripping.
  • It is extremely handy  and can be easily positioned at the end of each single activity.
  • Stripper QUICK is automatically started when the starting handle is closed, without selecting any function or pressing any additional switch.
  • It is safe thanks to the front protection cap it is provided with.
  • It can strip bag-tubes of any diameter.
  • Batteries are quickly recharged.

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