ThermoBags is a highly versatile instrument featuring wide automation and simple use. It is normally used to transport blood bags but, it can be used to transport any component provided it is stored in hermetic containers.









   Operator's Manual


Thermobag 1                        Thermobag 2                   


Main Features

  • Capacity 21 litres.
  • Operation 12VDC and 230 VAC.
  • Compact keyboard and backlighted alphanumeric display.
  • Holding temperature between ± 15°C compared to ambient temperature [5°C · 45°C].
  • Use of a Peltier system.
  • Continuous display of internal temperature and operating status.
  • Authomatic lock of the sample chamber cover during transportation.Cover opening protection by means of a password.
  • Display of mininum and maximum temperature reached.
  • Alarm display when temperature exceeds the preset limit.
  • Display of battery tension.
  • Internal memory for storage of transportations temperatures and of any event. Approximately 100 trasportations can be stored, each lasting max 4 hours with storage intervals of 1 minute.
  • Connection to a personal computer through serial port or wireless.
  • ThermoBags can be configured through keyborad or PC.
  • Temperature calibration is done via software thus eliminating adjustment trimmers.

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